Course Programs

MOAB e-Learning and On-Demand Learning options

MOAB Training offers a variety of e-Learning options for today's learner

MOAB® Basic Training

MOAB In-House Instructors are able to train the following basic programs. 1-Day Instructors are authorized to train the MOAB De-escalation course only (no physical techniques); whereas 3-Day Instructors are able to train all 5 basic programs (De-escalation plus physical techniques). Basic certification is good for 2 years.

MOAB® In-House Instructor options

This option is best for those who plan to pursue continual MOAB training in their organizations. Instructors are certified to teach our basic certification programs within their organization. Certification is good for 3 years and the pricing is below. We can provide ‘Train-the-Trainer’ sessions at your facility, but we ask to train a minimum of 6 Instructors at your facility.

For each of the basic classes that the instructors teach, instructors are asked to use our student manuals in their training. 

MOAB® Public Safety Officers Course

Developed from the nationally-recognized Management of Aggressive Behavior program (MOAB), MOAB for Public Safety Officers is designed for law enforcement, security and military personnel and focuses on de-escalation techniques that officers can use in their daily communications with civilians, interviews with victims and encounters with potentially violent aggressors.

MOAB Training offers MOAB Public Safety Instructors classes (MOAB PSI), which authorizes participants to teach two basic MOAB Public Safety courses available: MOAB Public Safety Introduction (2-hour course) and MOAB for Public Safety Officers (4-hour course). MOAB Public Safety Instructors are certified for 4 years. MOAB Public Safety Officer basic course participants are certified for 2 years.

All MOAB Public Safety Officer courses are intended for law enforcement, security and military personnel only. Proof of these designations is required.