MOAB® Basic Training

MOAB In-House Instructors are able to train the following basic programs. 1-Day Instructors are authorized to train the MOAB De-escalation course only (no physical techniques); whereas 3-Day Instructors are able to train all 5 basic programs (De-escalation plus physical techniques). Basic certification is good for 2 years.

MOAB 2-Day Basic Course (12 hours)

In addition to the de-escalation skills presented in the MOAB De-escalation basic course, this course also includes hands-on strategies to control aggressive behavior an avoid physical harm based on modern techniques and principles. Hands-on skills include: escorts, resistive escorts, and defensive tactics for guns, edged weapons and choke holds.

MOAB De-escalation Course (4 hours)

In this introductory session, participants will learn basic strategies to identify aggressive behaviors and avoid physical harm. This basic course provides an in-depth curriculum on how to identify, prevent and manage aggressive behavior through various de-escalation techniques. Upon successful completion, participants are able to identify the stages of conflict, when an assault is imminent and what to do in a threatening situation.

*virtual options available upon request*

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