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Managing Aggressive Behavior MOAB® training presents principles, techniques, and skills for recognizing, reducing, and managing violent and aggressive behavior. The program also provides humane and compassionate methods of dealing with aggressive people both in and out of the workplace.

MOAB Training International, Inc. is a respected leader among training and consulting organizations and specializes in programs on managing aggressive behavior. Since 1983, over 5,000 agencies have benefited from our highly researched, state-of-the-art programs including corporations, healthcare, law enforcement organizations, security, academic, military, federal agencies and gaming establishments.

Attn Members:  6/1/14 Several news articles have been added to the "Members only" Workplace Violence section in the "April - September 2014" subsection.

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10/15/14 - MOAB® In-house 1-day Instructor - Windsor Locks, CT
11/04/14 - MOAB® In-house Instructor Recertification (Pre-requisite 3-day instructor) - Appleton, WI area
10/15/14 - MOAB® In-house 3-day Instructor - Windsor Locks, CT
12/02/14 - MOAB® In-house 1-day Instructor - Manchester, NH
10/16/14 - MOAB® In-house Instructor Recertification (Pre-requisite 3-day instructor) - Windsor Locks, CT
12/02/14 - MOAB® In-house 3-day Instructor - Manchester, NH
11/03/14 - MOAB® In-house 1-day Instructor - Appleton, WI area
12/03/14 - MOAB® In-house Instructor Recertification (Pre-requisite 3-day instructor) - Manchester, NH
11/03/14 - MOAB® In-house 3-day Instructor - Appleton, WI area
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