Handcuffing Techniques
Instructor Certification Course

Proper training in the use of handcuffs is vital to officers.

Handcuffs are among the most often used tool by officers, yet training is severely lacking. Studies show that over 67% of resistance by subjects occurs after the first handcuff has been applied. All too often the result is injury and/or death to either the officer or subject.

Handcuffing Techniques Instructor Certification Course

This seven hour instructor course is the most complete and innovative handcuffing course in the country. The techniques presented are practical and effective. Topics to be covered include the safest approach and positioning for handcuffing, handcuffing resistive subjects, removing handcuffs, etc. Upon successful completion of the testing criteria, students will be certified as instructors which allows them to train, certify and recertify others in the Handcuffing Basic course.

Course Topics

  • Handcuffing nomenclature
  • Hinged handcuffs
  • General handcuffing guidelines
  • Handcuffing the resistive, non-resistive, or semi-resistive subject(s)
  • The prone straight arm lock
  • Disengage & decentralization skills
  • Prone handcuffing
  • Standing a prone handcuffed subject
  • Removing handcuffs
  • Frisk & cuff
  • Use of contact cover
  • Use of plastic cuffs
  • Handcuffing from baton restraint 

Benefits of this Hands-On Training Course

  • Reduced injury to officers and subjects
  • Reduced exposure to civil liability
  • Reduced workers' compensation payments
  • Increased performance, efficiency & speed when applying handcuffs
  • Increased confidence & morale
  • Increased safety